Change RAM frequency on A15 mainboard

I have a laptop A15 mainboard by pegatron corporation. I bought a dual channel HyperX 8GB DDR3 RAM , I put it on the motherboard above but when I checked the CPU-Z the memory frequency is 800mhz and not 1333mhz which is this mainboard’s max memory speed. I tried to change this frequency on BIOS , but there is no option for this (XMP). What can I do to change this?

Sry for my bad english, I try to learn.


Can you confirm what build you have. What Novatech Part number you have. The A15 Series of chassis have supported memory speeds from 1066 to 1600mhz depending on what MB Version you have and more importantly what CPU model you have as CPU decides on memory speed as this is where the memory controller is located.

Also as for reading the Memory Frequency in CPU-Z if that value of 800 is taken directly from the DRAM Frequency box in the Memory TAB in CPU-Z then this actually equates to 1600mhz. This is because CPU-Z Reports the raw frequency of the DIMM in real time. It does not show the fact that the module is DDR, which stands for Dual Data Rate. In quick terms, DDR uses two paths to send and receive data from the DIMM, so this in effect doubles the DRAM Frequency as you have 2 Signals both running at this frequency. So when CPU-Z Reports the Dram Frequency as 800 as example, in a DDR module this would be double this so in this case 1600mhz.
Another example in the picture below showing Windows Reporting that DDR Speed, while CPU-Z showing the Raw Frequency which has to be doubled as its a DDR module so it has Double the Rate.

If you can provide further information on full system spec then we can confirm what unit you have exactly and what expected support should be

You are right , thank you. Actually the speed is 1600mhz . CPUz software confused me.

no problem at all =D