Children in Need Virtual Le Mans 24hr fundraiser

We have decided to do a charity fundraiser for Children in Need and are looking to the great people of the internet to help us raise as much money as possible.

Some of our valiant members of staff will be doing the Le Mans race in real time, We’re going to be recreating the Le Mans 24h on our Full Motion Atomic A3 Simulator chair in glorious Virtual Reality. Driving around the official racing circuit, the Circuit de la Sarthe.

We’ll be starting from 9am Friday 17th November and driving non-stop for a full 24 hours and finish at 9am Saturday 18th.
Everything will be set up in our Portsmouth showroom so please feel free to come down and give them some moral support.

For those who cannot make it the whole event will be streamed live, on our Twitch channel - Twitch

Please be aware this is only open to staff. Unfortunately we cannot allow members of the Public to join in.
(If you want a chance to have a go on one of the atomic chairs please come see us on our gaming day on the 25th Link :smile: )

Additionally, much to our rogue Facebook employee’s delight there will also be bake sale in the sales shop on Friday17th . Plenty of cakes for a small donation (maybe carrot cake too :wink: )

Anyone can donate towards this worthy cause on our Just giving page here:

Please feel free to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, phone, text or even carrier pigeon and help us make a difference.

Awesome stuff guys! Shame it’s staff only - What about ex-staff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Only 15 hours and 30 mins to go till the start line looms :smiley:

Please help us raise money for Children in Need

Just finished my stint in the hot seat, and damn, that steering wheel doesn’t half give you some feedback. Arms are aching after that twenty minutes :laughing:

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A massive well done to all those who took part in the Le Mans 24 VR charity event and a HUGE thank you to all those who donated

Well done guys and for hitting your 1k target! Was nice chatting for a little while Friday night :slight_smile:

Still exhausted… Hopefully today is quiet…

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