Coments on New PC build

I am wanting upgrade my rig from a i5 to an i7 which was a Novatech custom build.

I want to get Novatech to custom build my new rig.
Your thoughts on my selection.

Case FRA-COR23
Processor IL-787000 or IL-78700K0
Motherboard ASU-Z37PRP
Memory CRU-218G
Power supply NOV-PSG701
DVD rewriter LG-GH24N
SSD drive KIN-100261
Card reader
Windows 10 home 64 bit or Windows 10 pro 64 bit


Did you order this yet? What PSU is it you linked? The item code isn’t working.

I am hoping to order the parts on 7/2/2018 for a Novatech custom build very soon, on the Novatech web site it 750 watt, I checked up on the ASUS power supply calculator which said 400 watt minimum so I was think if I had a 500 watt or 550 watt power supply that would be OK.

Yeah 550W is plenty. Something like this is ideal you should never skimp on a PSU, a good PSU will protect the rest of your components from powersurges and brownouts effectively.