Compatable Memory for x470 Aorus ultra

Building a new computer and I think I may have made a slight cock up with the memory I bought what I thought was 2400Mhz but somehow bought 2X 16 GB corsair vengeance 24000 3000Mhz !
The highest speed the motherboard will support is 2933 which is pretty close so im hoping the motherboard will just ‘throttle down’ the speed to accommodate So just wondering if the memory will actually work once in or do need to replace with a more sedate speeded memory that is supported.
Things have change quite a bit since I built my last computer when DDR2 was all the rage :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice


To be fair, it can be an issue sometimes but 3000mhz and 3200mhz are normally supported via OC using XMP Profile on this motherboard. Issues tend to crop up more often when trying to run higher speeds with all the DIMM slots populated but as you are only using two of them this makes it more likely to be ok. Just remember to make sure motherboard has been flashed to the latest BIOS Version so it has the latest memory table update. You will then need to set the XMP option in the BIOS to enable the faster profile.

Thanks for the reply, I did think id might be using the xmp profile which the bios has 2 of!
I just had a chat with the tech guys at novatech and ‘after a little digging’ said the board can support up to 4000 MHz modules so relieved about that!
Just a quick question…when you mention supported by OC, what does that mean?
Ive not built a new computer since XP was the norm and a lot has changed so still playing catch-up on some things. Just waiting for the case fans to arrive so I can see if it all works!


For most mid to high end motherboards, CPU memory controller support up to certain speeds which is what we call native speeds. Motherboard Manufacturer then supports even high speeds than this through an overclocking process. Required timings etc for this are stored in the DIMM under an SPD profile and the motherboard can read these in order to configure the boards BIOS to perform at these higher timings.

I am pleased to say that the computer fired up first time with no apparent problem with the 3000Mhz memory.
I did have one other issue with the mother boards led display which i’ll post in another question on when ive checked things out