Connect EPSON printer via WiFi

A friend has the EPSON Photo PX720WD printer.
His laptop is running Win 10
The supplied install disc,fails to install correctly .I dont think its Win10 certified .
I have downloaded the Win 10 driver from Epson,but it lacks the option to choose which connection you require .USB or WiFi,during the install.
Any ideas please ?
Thank you

Has the printer been joined to your wireless network via the control panel setup function on the physical printer. The Driver installer cannot join the printer to the network as it cannot communicate with the printer if it has not already been connected to the network already.

Refer here to the section “Connect Printer to wireless network”

Once connected to wireless than proceed with driver installer.

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Thank you.
The printer has been connected to the WiFi,it was just the option to connect via WiFi.
I contacted Epson ,the printer does not have dedicated W10 drivers. Too old they said lol.
I managed to connect via WiFi,using W10 option to establish a WiFi connection.
All is well
Thank you for you help ,very much appreciated :slight_smile: