Connecting PC to TV

Hi Guys

I’m looking for help in what would be the best TV to get to connect my PC to. Space is a factor I don’t room for a monitor and TV so I would be looking for a TV around 32" so I can watch SKY ect and well play games.

My graphics card has HDMI, DVI and display port on it (Not sure if this infor is needed).

Many thanks in advance for all the help and advice.


To be honest, there’s not much really you can go wrong with on TVs nowadays. Any Samsung, LG or Sony would be sufficient.
My advice would be go to a store and have a look at some of them.

Thanks for information, But I have done some looking and found this NO LINKS TO AMAZON THANK YOU

Would this work better ?

Bit more information it will sat at the end of my bed, so far distant away, so that I was going for a 32" as I can see everything clearly for the top of the bed and found my computer monitor was to small to clearly see (yes it only 24")


They’re pretty cool but I don’t think it’ll really help with being able to see from the end of your bed. Yes it’s wider, but it’s no taller really.

I have a 37" TV above my monitor at the other side of my room, and it’s perfect. Any TV 32" or above would be fine for you.

Thanks for all your help :smile: