Control keyboard backlighting?

can you control keyboard backlighting e.g. on/off, brightness etc?

I’m using windows 10 on a new novatech N1768.

Generally there should be a quick and easy way to change things like that up built into the Control drivers of the laptop. If those haven’t been installed yet you can find them from the list at the following page: and will be labelled “Control Center”

Once installed and restarted you’ll be able to change keyboard settings up using that.

Thanks JASL. I selected the control centre download (Europe) but I got a page not found error. Same with USA.

That’s okay, when I was on finding the right Drivers for you, the clevo website was suffering a bunch of slow downs. They’re probably just suffering from some host issues at the moment. Give them a couple of hours and they should be back up :slight_smile:

Hmmmnn, still no joy.

Windows 10 64bit?

I’ve managed to get the specific driver you’re needing hosted up elsewhere for you, while the Clevo website still seems to have issues

I must have a different problem because the new link is still returning this:

Hmm, we can’t reach this page.
Try this

I’m sorry to hear that Merlin, just to make sure that’s the link in the previous post ending “”

yes that’s the one. One of your support colleagues has given me a mirror that worked and I have installed control centre. However, it said it had replaced a version number with the same version number so I guess I already had it and just don’t know where to look for it.

Please could you tell me where to look?

You should be able to find the Control software within the bottom right of your screen as a small icon near your time and date. You may need to press the small little arrow to view all of the hidden icons down there.

Magic - thanks, JASL.