Core blaze custom cant find items i had in my old custom build

mobo b450 pro carbon ac amd tomahawk

corshair series 750d high airflow tower
I had thease matched up included in my build, deleted the builds as I cancelled the order
trying to rebuild it I’m sure I started with the

novatech core blaze, then custom added parts…

the components show up in a serarch but not via components to add

just have to ring tech support sales if any advice not forthcoming before mon 11/05/20
many thanks in advance Anthony johnson


I have just taken a quick look and i can see the original order which was based off a model in the Core Blaze section that is no longer available. This one have different configuration options to what we have up now, this is why you cannot configure to what you had before. However if you speak with our telesales team directly they should be able to hopefully revive this for you or put it together again for you to order.


Many .many thanks
Felt frustrated with no services open bank.hol sat or Sunday will speak to novatech this morning hopefully resolve the matter
Thanks for you’re time anthony