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I purchased a Novatech Desktop PC last March. No problems whatsoever. I recently recommended Novatech to my Brother. He ordered a customised Desktop costing over £3000.00 and was told delivery would be in about a week.
That was 5 weeks ago and he has recently been told that delivery would not be until the end of this month. The problem is the supply of the power unit. A bit of research revealed that an identical power unit could be purchased off the shelf at Maplins.
My Brother offered to purchase one and send it to Novatech so he could at last get delivery of his PC. Novatech declined his offer which says a lot about their Customer service.

Hi conburt

If you can PM me the order details I will get this looked into for you

Hi conburt

Please check your PM’s

Hi Conburt,
I’ve been passed your details from my colleague @Sebastion_Steel. I’m sorry to hear that your brothers order has been delayed due to the constraint on the Corsair power supplies.
I understand he had been in contact with my colleague Josh, who he placed the order with initially, who advised regarding the delays on these power supplies, and alternative power supplies were suggested. It was discussed and he wanted to maintain the original specification, which unfortunately caused the delay in getting this PC built and tested.
The showroom and telesales team supervisor, Michael, had also been made aware of the situation and had discussed with your brother how we could best get the situation resolved, and the power supply has since been delivered to us from a different supplier and the PC is already in the middle of being built by our production team.
Our standard build and test time is currently between 5 – 10 working days for a fully customised PC to be built and tested by our production team, unfortunately in this instance we were made aware that this time frame would not be maintained and we notified your brother as soon as possible.
I can confirm that the PC build is currently underway with our production team and I have asked both Josh and Michael to keep your brother updated with any progress.
I hope that this experience has not dissuaded you, or your brother, from shopping with us in future.
If you wish to discuss this further please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02392 322500.

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