Customised SFF built by Novatech - issue with unexpected shutdowns

I’ve been using a SFF with two SSDs and a fast clock read custom built by Novatech in January this year. It has W10 Pro installed and apart from that just the software I am using for specialised use. The unit sits in a locked shed with a small dehumidifier when not in use. Recently the dehumidifier malfunctioned and for several weeks the air was not dehumidified properly. At the end of this period when the dehumidifier was malfunctioning the SFF started behaving oddly on first boot up. Everything would appear to load but the moment I tried to run a program whatever instruction (by mouse or keyboad) would be completely ignored and then the program would crash. I would reboot the program only for the SFF to close completely, whatever program was running. If I then rebooted the SFF it checked for disk errors and then resumed working normally for the rest of the time in use. This has happened six or seven times now although since replacing the dehumidifier it has been fine in the last two occasions I have booted it up.

Is the problem as obvious as damp getting in with changes in temperature in an unheated shed or is there potentially another problem with the unit? I don’t have any antivirus on it apart from W10 Bitdefender but it is only connected to the internet in short spells when I am using it. I could put additional antivirus but I already have two layers of antivirus on all other devices that interact with it. It only ever connects to the internet to update programs I am already running on it. Windows updates are controlled and authorised by me.


Hi Peter,

I’m sorry to hear the unit has been giving you a bit of trouble recently. How has it been performing over the last few days, has it still been giving you the same issues on boot?

It sounds a lot like this could come down to damp / moisture rather than anything else. Are you able to take the system offline for a little while to run some tests or anything like that?

It might be best to pop through your order details to our email so we can take a look into what you have and let you know what sort of software we can provide to run some tests if needed. Some of the basic tests of course such as Drive tests are pretty universal.

If the unit seems to be performing as normal again now, however, then unfortunately it’s likely just going to come down to that moisture; but if you’re still having trouble, pop an email through to pop in your order number and mark it as FOA of James, and I shall jump on it when I see it in the box