Dark vs. the Light

As I know some people here prefer to be blinded by having a light background and black text, and because of recent upgrades to the forum software I am now able to enable a selection of a light or dark theme on a per user basis.

To make the change click on your user icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and then click the settings icon.

Then simply click on the Interface menu option on the left hand side of the options, where you will be able to choose between the Dark or the Light.

Choose wisely! :innocent: :smiling_imp:



+1 for the darkside

The “Praise the Sun” setting looks far too washed out for me, as the text and the bounding boxes are still light grey and don’t stand out very well against a white background

I’ll be keeping it dark, like my sense of humour and my soul :imp:

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I do like the dark myself also just seems easier on the eye for me


Well, thankyou, Dean. I am running the light theme up the flagpole at the moment. As a voracious book reader, I am mentally adjusted to black print on a white background and preferably Times New Roman typeset. Anything else jars me.

What we may be running into here is that computer displays are essentially daylight spectrum (mostly) viewed at night. You definitely don’t need the blue end of the spectrum at night. It’s unnatural. They always used to say you shouldn’t watch TV in the dark either. Have some background lighting on too.


Our regular monitors are actually fluorescent backlit. Not a pleasant light, especially when very bright. I’m not sure your forum software is really very well designed on aesthetics. Compare with SpaceX: http://www.spacex.com/

That’s even better than the previous winners, https://www.apple.com/, IMO. Apple have lost it a bit. We need a quieter World of softer colours, IMO.

Absolutely. I install F.lux on all my PC’s so they automatically make the colours warmer after sundown. The effect can get quite jarring at the beginning but you soon get used to it.

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