Dead By Daylight

Just picked this game up (it is on a free weekend at the moment on steam at the moment)

Its a co-op/multiplayer survival horror game that is alot of fun to play especially with a group of friends.

Survivors have to repair generators and find items around the map to help them escape from the killer clutches, while the killer uses an array of ability to prevent the escape of the survivors

(and if you decide to pick the game up and fancy a match add jcassap420 on steam)

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I have this and it is a great game.

It can get very atmospheric and intense very quickly not to mention poop your pants scary .
Hearing your heart pounding louder and louder as the killer gets closer, trying to avoid detection so you don’t end up dangling from a meat hook.
Guaranteed at some point to make you scream like a little girl :slight_smile:

Additionally, yesterday it received a free new update that give you another survivor and killer to play as well as new map locations.

Again as above if I’m online and you fancy a game hit me up on Steam :wink:

I screamed like a little girl within the first five minutes as the hillbilly killer chased me and took me down, it was like playing outlast all over again :scream:

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I’ve been playing this for a while now (both with friends and with strangers) and I can genuinely say that it is a fantastic horror game.

As the game is being updated so often, here’s the Regularly updated New articles from Steam just so you know when anything new comes out. :smile:

If you were able to pick it up during the Nvidia event, you are one lucky human.

Happy hunting (or surviving)!

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