Destiny 2 on PC (in 4K)

So did anyone play the beta? Game looks gorgeous in 4K on PC

I played the original through on Xbox One, and enjoyed it, so really quite looking forward to being able to use a proper mouse and keyboard :slight_smile:

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New live action trailer looks pretty awesome … and having Nathan Fillion in it always helps

Gonna try out the PC Beta. Never played the first one though

Think the beta ended yesterday, mate.

Dammit you’re right. I literally installed it like a day and a half ago. ballz. Oh well!

Same as that just tried to fire it up and bang nothing lol 1st chance I’ve had to play it :frowning: Does look very good though so will probably pre order it now and hope that I actually get to play it at some point

Well I’ve pre-ordered it. Now to wait until the end of October when they finally release it on PC :angry:

Anyone playing on PS4 or Xbox One?

I received my PS4 copy yesterday and loving so far :smiley:

So did any one else play it on PC yesterday? Having it run at 144Hz with a higher FOV, along with mouse and keyboard was flippin’ awesome!