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From a customer perspective, how do I check if a digital copy of Windows exists on my hard drive?

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Are you talking about Digital Licence or you talking about Install media here??

After searching for the meaning of Digital Licence I drew a blank. What do you mean by a "Digital Licence,please ?

Since WIndows 8, OEM System builders started using a system of Digital Product Keys to embed Windows Licences in to the system BIOS. So instead of giving you a sticker with a 25 digital code that had to be typed in the new system. The licence is in fact already part of the system mainboard. When windows boots up it detects this digital licence in the system BIOS and uses it to populate the Windows Install with a licence and then Activation Occurs. This removes the previous requirement for the end user to type in the key from the sticker and then activate the system as this digital process does it all for the end user.

And install media can be made using tools available from Microsoft at this link
Create installation media for Windows - Microsoft Support

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As an end user how can I tell whether or not my Novatech Laptop and Novatech Desktop have a licence already part of the system mainboard.

For example are they any keyboard functions I can perform to find out if such a licence exist on either or both machines?

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As a Microsoft partner we have used DPK process since it was launched with Windows 8 so pretty much every system we have built and supplied since Windows 8 came out using embedded licence in system BIOS.
In your particular case i can see from your customer history that both the system we supplied you have Windows 10 DPK so for both your systems you have embedded Licence as part of system BIOS.

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Long to short ; using my control panel I’m unable to delete " Windows Driver Package. I could use" Dban" . However that will completely wipe out my hard drive including DPK.

What other options are available please? PS see attached screen shot of “Windows Driver Package”.

Wiping your hard drive will not remove the DPK. Only a mainboard replacement will do that. You can reinstall Windows without issue and next time it goes online system will activate it self.

That is HID package to control Airplane Mode function of system and will be running system driver which will prevent removal. System would need to be in safe mode usually to remove a driver of this type. Why do you need to remove this driver as it is required for certain interactions between hardware and OS