Disc for deleting hard drive

Hello Everyone,

As an option I may want to delete the hard drive on my laptop and start again. To delete the hard drive can anyone recommend a suitable disc please?

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Hi there,

The laptop which you mention - is this one from Novatech? If so, and you want to reformat the unit, please see the relevant option at the below linked pages for our preinstalled systems.

It might be worth clarifying exactly what you intend to do, do you simply want to start fresh with Windows installed and the unit as it was when it was first recieved (if so the above links are what you need)? Or do you want to entirely and securely wipe the hard drive removing all files/data (including windows itself)?

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Windows 10 allows a fresh reinstall without a disc.

Just a heads up.



Just use the install media. This give you tools to re-format or even re-partition the drives. Just click the advanced settings rather than basic when installing it