Do PC tower cases have a 2.5" drive bay?

I have this case, here:

But without opening it up and thoroughly checking, does it have a 2.5" bay that I can just slot in and screw in a drive (HDD, SSHD or SSD) of that physical size? If not, what are my alternatives? I’ve thought of using velcro to hold the drive in place in a larger bay, but is that a good idea?

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I have checked for you and that case features only 2x 3.5" bays internally. What you’ll need is an adapter bracket such as the below

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Also, I have an optical drive I want to remove, but I lost the front panel black plastic blanking plate for it. Do you sell spares of those?

Unfortunately no we don’t sell those separately, however if you can PM me your order number I’ll see what I can do.

Can I attach the blanking plate to the front of the case by pulling off the plastic frontage and attaching it that way? At the moment I can’t even pull off the plastic frontage as the optical drive is clamping it to the rest of the case, but it should be easier once I disconnect and unscrew it.

You should find that these simply push into place and you won’t need to remove any panels in order to do so (at least on this model of chassis).

I hope this helps

The plates arrived today, but they don’t quite fit. They look slightly larger than the ones in my case, and bulge in the middle when I try to push them into place.