Doom4 Graphics Card


I am after a graphics card that will run Doom 4

At the moment ive selected a R9 380x or having had a further look, the
gtx 960 4gb version for the purpose, but i wanted an opinion on the
motherboard to just check that the card will fit the Motherboard ok

The motherboard model is a MS7345
Processor - Intel Core2 Duo E7200@2.53GHZ
The case is large case with good airflow
PSU power is 550w

Many Thanks for your time

Hi I’d look for a 4g new rx480 they are around the same price as the 380x but far more powerful, unfortunately Novatech havent stocked the cards as yet, but I’d probably suggest waiting for the non reference cards to hit the market. If not that the 380x is the slightly better card over the 960. But the 480 is where the smart money goes now in this price range.

Many Thanks for that information - I’m assuming that as you didn’t state anything to the contrary that there would be no compatibility issues with the current hardware?

No your mobo is running a slower pcie slot but tests have shown there is very little if any performance drop, these cards draw minimal power so your psu should be fine. Your rig is starting to show its age though and the cpu and ram (I assume your running 4g) will struggle with the newer game titles, so I would suggest that your next upgrade would be new mobo cpu and ram :wink:

Yeah, its been a good machine, (all parts from Novatech :wink: )…will hopefully be looking to build something new sometime soon…or contemplating a gaming laptop with a docking station…but thats another question for another day!

many thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Doom just had an update which adds the Vulkan 3D API to the game so it runs even better on older cards now (article)

I have a GTX 970 FTW edition and it runs it on Ultra and never drops below 60fps. Smooth as butter :grin: