Driver help Novatech I7 4712MQ 17"-1TB 16GB (C15B)

Hi i have upgraded to Windows 10 on my Novatech I7 4712MQ 17"-1TB 16GB and have a device fault in my Device Manager. It comes up with the details under Hardware ID root/iwdbus not sure what this is. Please could you send me a driver for this fault.

Hi @Ajneilly

Do you happen to have the full hardware ID or is that all that is there?
Just in case, here’s how to get it:

Locate the device in device manager
Right click and click on Properties
Click on the Details tab
Change the Property drop down box to HARDWARE IDS
Copy/paste the first line that you see into a reply to this thread (usually looks like PCI\VAN_xxxx&DEV_yyyy&SUBSYS_wwwwww&REV_vvv
Where xxxx, yyyy, wwwww, vv are hexadecimal numbers

Good Morning @Ajneilly

The full drivers suite for your laptop is available here;

Please install all drivers and also the PHOTKEY software within the app folder.

If you have any difficulties, you can contact us via livechat with your serial number, and we will be able to provide advice in real-time

I hope this helps