Drivers for older Novatech Laptop

I have a Novatech Laptop NNB-958. Serial Number 7314781-001.

Belarc provides the following additional information
Novatech Ltd A15A/HE/HC 1.0
System Serial Number 11CPE2018964

This successfully ran on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I have now upgraded to Win 10 Pro. All is well apart from the video driver, which prevents correct bootup and restarting. The upgrade has installed and or updated the driver to a later windows 10 driver that does not suit the intel graphics in the laptop.
Any suggestions guys would be appreciated

PS - I have deleted the rogue driver, and I am using the microsoft basic graphics driver at the moment - with this it works, albeit with adjustment restrictions etc

Hi Skofab,

Thanks for your question. Sadly, the A15x series of laptops is not fully compatible with Windows 10 and therefore that isn’t a supported operating system on that unit. Yes you could run with the basic video adapter, but you would have no support for DirectX or other 3D acceleration technologies.

Unfortunately this means that there are no drivers available for Windows 10 (there’s little point developing drivers for an incompatible chassis). Therefore, if the unit ran successfully on Windows 7, I would suggest reverting to that following the guide at the below link.

I hope this information helps,


Just out of interest, I am assuming the Updated Video Driver you are referring to came from Windows Update.

What exactly was the issue. With the Intel VGA Driver installed, what happened.

Thank you Ryan for your prompt response, and a definitive answer to my problem. I now have the task and embarrassment of advising the owner that the Laptop (recommended by me) has this annoying shortcoming, and cannot take up the Microsoft upgrade.

I am surprised that my older NNB-527 novatech laptop (several years older) upgraded to W10 without any problem whatsoever.
Ah well - back to good old windows 7 Pro in this instance.
In spite of all - thanks again for your help and information

Thank you COOPS for your continuing interest.
After much playing around (although I do not pretend to be overly computer literate) I can update as follows…
Firstly both windows and the Intel sites have directed me to driver - which seemingly is not going to play!
I did uninstall this driver and reverted to the microsoft basic alternative. This worked completely. However because of the auto update via windows, I soon found that Laptop once again sported the driver.

Since my last post - Windows auto update installed the offending graphics driver. A shot in the dark - I have disabled all Intel entries in task manager (startup folder), but since re enabled them.
At the moment, the Laptop now starts and boots correctly every time from a completely shut down state. I did note that there is no microsoft ‘completion sound’.

However it will not complete a restart. It gets so far and stops with a blank screen. I have found that if left with a blank screen for a while - two quick taps on the on/off button puts the laptop into sleep mode - then a tap on the spacebar will then allow boot to the desktop.!!! When a full desktop is reached I get the microsoft ‘completion sound’

It is worthy of note that once booted up, the machine does all that it should with no apparent problems.
Hope this info is of help

Yep due to policy on drivers for Windows 10, Microsoft require all developers who get drivers WHQL Signed to publish via Windows update. As you can imagine this is supposed to make it easier for the end user cause hardware that is detected to not be running a proper driver, if one is on Windows Update it will download and install. In most cases this works as expected but in your case we can see not so helpful.
Give me a couple of days to look in to this, I will need to speak to my counterpart over in China about this model chassis to see what if anything can be done.

Thank you COOPS
for your continuing help, and I look forward to hearing further from you.
Thanks again


Can you let me know what BIOS version your unit is currently running. This can be got from the main page of the BIOS screen itself. Its a 3 digit number and will be something like 207 or 301 depending on what version your actually running. So if you could let me know what your unit currently is


Thanks again for pursuing this for me - I can confirm that it is American Megatrends version 302
Hope this assists