Dual Monitor, single Keyboard & Mouse set-up to share Desk PC & Macbook Pro?

Hi to all,

I currently have a dual monitor, single mouse & keyboard set-up with my desk PC. I want to share the monitors, keyboard & mouse with my Macbook Pro.

Can anyone recommend the best way to share the existing monitors, keyboard & mouse

I have found the following device on *******: [LINK REMOVED - PLEASE DON’T LINK TO COMPETITORS].

Will this device work - I am not sure if such a device will connect both the PC & MacBook (I am assuming that I will have to use a Thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor & the existing HDMI port on the Macbook).

Do Novatech sell something similar?

Thanks in advance

If you search KVM on our site you should find what you’re looking for. We don’t seem to have many in stock at the moment but shouldn’t have any issues sourcing from supplier. The cheaper ones tend to be PS2 and VGA connectors only rather than USB and digital displays tthough.