Eject button doesn't work

When I press the physical eject button on my optical drive ( new novatech elite N1768) the tray doesn’t open. I can open it from within explorer but that’s really inconvenient when you just want to open the tray to pop a disc in.

Am I doing something wrong?

I forgot to say, when I do put in a disc there is no autoplay either…

Hey Merlin,

The physical eject button shouldn’t give you any sorts of issues, through it may be a little stiff so always best to give it a firm press without feeling like you’re going to break anything.

In regards to Autoplay, unfortunately this is something that Microsoft have removed in Windows 10, and instead require people to open up the disc within File Explorer, rather than auto loading the files. Not much in ways around that I’m afraid, apart from loading things up manually.

Thanks, JASL. It seems to be fussy about how you press it. Now using end of finger instead of pad.