Elite N1776 Drivers Win 10 or 7

Hi there, I got my novatech laptop today and the driver cd is unreadable on both my desktop windows PC and my MacBook. It states the disc is uninitialized and I can’t make an iso from it or copy the files to a USB. My new laptop has no cd drive either so I can’t try it directly.

So I wondered which chassis the laptop uses so that I can download the correct drivers from these forums or the manufacturer’s websites.

Additionally, I ordered the machine with no OS because I intended to install windows 7 on it (I’m not keen on windows 10) so I made a bootable USB using the “Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool” but the computer BSODs when the windows 7 logo starts to appear as the install disc boots up. I understand only windows 10 is listed under the OS compliance on the product page but I thought that meant you only provide drivers for windows 10.

I’m wondering which motherboard the machine uses and whether that’s not compatible with windows 7?

Much appreciated

Please use this link for Windows 10 Drivers


Windows 7 is not a supported OS for your chassis at all. Due to hardware design and limitation Windows 7 support is being discontinued and only Windows 10 is being supported going forward. As such this product was never launched with OS Support for Windows 7 and so we cannot provide drivers or solution to get it to install or function.

Thanks for the reply, after a few attempts trying boot up the windows 7 install cd/usb i gave up simply because i found there were no windows 7 drivers for the machine anywhere. I’m glad to see i chose the correct driver pack for my chassis and i am growing used to windows 10, they seem to have improved it slightly over the last year.

Much appreciated