Error 43-Nvidia Geforce 745M Problem


It has been a while since I was gaming on this laptop, and I have noticed that it is the intel integrated graphics that are running for games, instead of the Nvidia Geforce 745m. On device manager the system has put up an error 43, and I have been troubleshooting for days now so would really appreciate any help.

I have tried DDU and doing a fresh reinstall of the Nvidia drivers (Game ready 397.93 version), doing clean installs and launching in safe mode etc.

I have even reset the PC, and from a fresh install of windows device manager was still listing the GPU as not working.

I have seen online that some people say a BIOS update is sometimes needed, but I see that Novatech don’t publish the BIOS updates, so my first request is am I able to have it updated?

My second request is what would you now recommend? Everything else is working fine, so it would be disappointing if the GPU was fried or something, how can I tell? But I would of course like to be able to continue gaming.


Novatech NSPIRE N159 Black edition
Model C15B

Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
BIOS version: 04.06.05- Date is 03/18/14

Intel Core I7-4712 MQ @2.3GHZ
16Gb RAM
Intel HD graphics 4600
Nvidia Geforce 745M

Thank you!

Hello Ben,

If you haven’t resolved this issue yet please call our team on 02392 322 500 and speak to our support staff.

The team can check warranty status and - if your unit is under the warranty - we can arrange repair if necessary following diagnostics steps with a technician over the phone.

The team can also of course provide lifetime technical assistance to the original purchaser, even if the unit is out of warranty, and assist with diagnosing the issue or suggesting out of warranty repair.

If you are close to our store in Portsmouth you could alternatively bring it into us to be looked at.

Thank you