Error after windows 10 upgrade

Hi All

I have recently updated my Laptop to windows 10 and the functions along the top, above the keyboard, no longer work. I used to use these functions to switch the wifi on/off, sound on/off etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


In order to support you please can you tell us the product code of the laptop in question. You are most likely missing the hotkey software which is why these functions are not working but until we know which model laptop it is we cannot say for sure if we can get Windows 10 Hotkey software that is for your unit.


Hi Coops
Thank you for you response to my query. Unfortunately the stickers on the bottom of the laptop have faded and the only product key that is visible is that of Window. If this is the one you need then it is: ##### [hidden by moderator]

Hi Teuchter,

I have hidden your windows licence key, you should never share this information with anyone as it would allow them to steal your Windows licence. It cannot be used to identify your laptop.

If you can take some photos of the laptop we might be able to identify it for you. Alternatively if you have your original invoice you can contact us via LiveChat and we can link you to drivers if they are available.


Oh Dear!

Thanks Ryan

Please find a picture attached, as requested. Because I am a new user I can only upload one picture in each post. If you need more pictures in order to identify my laptop I will create new posts.

Hi again,

Thanks for the photo - I can tell you that is probably a model A15YA (unless @COOPS knows better!), that model doesn’t have specific Windows 10 drivers but you might find that the following linked hotkey software for a more recent laptop gets those keys working. is the link, you’ll need to extract the ZIP and then double click setup.exe which is inside the PHOTKEY folder. (see here if you’re unsure how to unzip/extract )

I hope this helps,

Thanks Ryan

I did as you said and installed the hotkey software, unfortunately to no avail.

Thank you for your help though.