Ethernet Cable RJ45 Connector

Hello Everyone,

I want to replace the RJ45 connector on my Ethernet Cable. If you have accomplished this, I’d appreciate a steer on what tools I need; also where to purchase them.

Can you help me, please?



To replace an RJ45 end connector you will require RJ45 Plugs
Network Cable Connectors | Novatech
You will also require a tool that can crimp them on such as this
RJ45 Crimping Tool | Novatech
This is a basic tool and for doing the odd one then dont need more than this. If you are planning on doing a lot of them or do this for a living then you would be better with a professional grade crimping tool. But for a home use once in a blue moon the tool above is good enough.

You can see videos online about the actually process of preparing the cable and getting them sequenced correctly in to the plug ready for crimping. Its a bit of an art but easy once you know how and the sequence for doing them. However its worth noting as well that usually once we crimped cables we would test them end to end with a device to check proper termination.
Weighing up whats involved if you have full access to the cable, as in its not buried in a wall or for some reason not accessible you may find simply replacing the whole cable far easier.
Cat6 Networking Cables | Novatech

Thank you, John,

I have placed an order with Novatech.



Hey John

No problem, I have shuffled some stock around as a part was missing but you are all allocated now so should ship soon.