EVE Online. Internet Spaceships. Serious business?

Any of you fine chaps and chapettes play this gloriously bad game?

It’s been 13 years and still going pretty strong!

I started myself in 2008 and haven’t managed to escape yet

I played it for a few months, but just didn’t have the time in the evenings to make it worth while… plus the Corp I was in was mostly on American time and moved to nullsec. Made it almost impossible to take part in ops

No never played it, I’ve got Star citizen but not installed on my machine yet as it was a freebie with 1 of my 290’s! I always worry about the amount of time these games take up lol as I can be a little obsessive sometimes and just become completely engrossed :grin:

I used to play a while ago, back when I had some free time. Some friends and I lived out in a Wormhole System. some good small scale fights in that due to the fact Wormholes have a weight limit for ships. If you exceed the weight limit it jumps to a new system and you have to find the entrance in and out again.

Absolutely love Eve, but it’s such a time sink if you’re only in a small group, otherwise the group doesn’t feel like it progresses much. Since then my killing machine of a Drake has been nerfed and then time became scarce.

Yeah if there has ever been a time sink its this game!

That’s a shame @codemonkey the game can certainly be made or broken by the group of people you are with. I definitely don’t have much time for it these days with my new job and the fact I always seem to be busy, but once you’ve been playing long enough there’s no way to ever truly leave :stuck_out_tongue:

It has given me some of the most intense, fun and thrilling experiences I’ve ever had in a game, the small to medium sized engagements can be so incredible to be involved in.

@Zantid I’ve never experienced proper wormhole life. Attempted living in one when they released in 2009 but no one knew the mechanics back then and we got trashed pretty fast! I’ve done the nullsec thing but I find low sec to be the most fun. Providing you are in a big enough group you don’t HAVE to log in all the time to still have some fun. Having a small corp with a few people is certainly a huge time sink thats for sure.

Are you saying you want us to form NOV-SPACEMADNESS??

I could so easily be tempted back to EVE, if I was sure I could be part of something fun :slight_smile:

If we get a NOV-SPACEMADNESS corp going for some cheap, easy and fun low-sec runs or some space pew pew, I’m totally in.

An interesting announcement regarding EVE made today :thinking:


May have to fire up the old character :grin:

I saw this yesterday, its a good change for sure. All they are doing is basically making trial accounts permanent, so you still get the restrictions but you have unlimited time to learn the game which is the most important bit. Unfortunately a lot of gaming news sites have kinda mis-reported it saying the game is going free to play, which in turn drags all the trolls out like “LOL THE GAME IS DYING NOW”.

The only difference is trials don’t run out, but if you actually get into the game there is no way you’d continue to play without the full experience.

I may have reactivated my subscription last night :grin:

Started a new character from scratch to remind myself how to play it all, lol

Sooo pretty on dual monitors :smiley:

Nice man! I sold my Ragnarok yesterday to buy an Erebus, so I gave it a send off doomsday by sacrificing a carrier

One client per monitor!

Coolest looking doomsday device!


@hiPeanut I noticed your overview has quite a few tabs there; what settings do you use? Or what tool did you use to set them up?

@codemonkey A guy in PL made an amazing one which he keeps up to date every expansion. Has tons of different possible presets for the different tabs. In game, find https://gate.eveonline.com/Profile/Oh%20Takashawa and in his Bio, click the link. It will open up a chat channel in which you can click on each link to install the overview pack. It comes in 6 parts and you’ll need to reset yours first.

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Hehe, applied this yesterday, thanks @hiPeanut. Gave me a bit of a shock the first time I did a Security mission and none of the rats appeared in the Main overview! :open_mouth:

Had to warp out quick and find one of the presets for PvE. All sorted now though … the standings being visible and the Kill Rights indicators are quite useful :smiling_imp:

Nice man, yeah by default it is a PVP overview, but it has a lot of PVE presets too. Its great if you say want to target frigates first because you can split them by tab. Takes a bit of getting used to but I love how much information you get and the colours!

You nullsec or mostly lowsec?

I’m still hopping about in HighSec at the moment, but once the skills are up I plan on W-Space and LowSec PvP in the future

Nice man, wormholes are cool but fairly established now. most groups are pretty strong and know the mechanics of them like the back of their own hand.

We’re in Low sec, fairly high end (high skill requirement, expensive ass ships) pirate group. I’ve done 0.0 before a couple of times for a while and it is good in the right group, but can get a bit dull after a while unless you have constant war.

For beginning PVP I’d strongly suggest faction warfare to start with, its the perfect environment to learn as the way it works, it kinda forces smaller/T1 ships in a lot of situations, lots of frigate and cruiser solo/small gang which is where player experience builds up the most. A lot of fun!

Ended up leaving the Corp I was in and joined up with Pandemic Horde … they do lots of PvP so should be fun :grin:

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Nice man! Good place to go to learn as the whole concept of them was to gather as many PVP newbies as possible.

We’ve had a few good fights against them recently, I’m in Escalating Entropy if you end up in a fight with us :stuck_out_tongue: