External Microphone

I want to use an external microphone in conjunction with my Novatech Computer. My Novatech computer functions on Windows 10. After using the help section of Windows 10, I cannot hear any sound whilst using the external microphone. Conversely, I have sound when using Zoom.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Stay safe, stay well.


It is normal for microphone not to output to your own speakers. This is to prevent echo and feedback loop situation where what you say is then output by your speakers, picked up by your microphone and then output again via speakers, etc. So usual this function is disabled by default. This will not stop your MIC from transmitting your voice to supported voice applications it just means anything you say is only sent to them and not our of your own speakers stopping the potential feedback or echo that others would hear by your mic picking up your speaker output and sending it out again.

If you would like to do this however then you will need to go to the Microphone Properties for your device and then in the listen tab you tick the “Listen to this device” box which will allow the output from your mic to come out via your speakers.



Thank you for your prompt and informative reply. I followed your advice and heard my voice faintly despite speaking volume at 100%

I’m sure the microphone worked fine on the desktop last Autumn, and maybe I need a new external microphone.

My outcome is to narrate the benefits of my profession and post the completed files on my website.

Thanks once again for your help and support.

Stay safe, stay well.