Finally had enough of the Asus Deluxe X99

After trial and trying to get on with this motherboard Ive finally had enough of it, so many little issues that a board of this price and quality really shouldnt have. Usb and raid controllers are so below par its painful, wont boot with all the Ram slots filled, a powered usb hub actually send power back to the motherboard rendering it useless and shorted out and the list goes on. Shes coming back and I dont want an RMA lol Rant Rant Rant lol

So the deluxe died on me completely returned it and no replacement 1 month without a PC :rage::rage::rage: happy new year lol

And it took all 32g of ram with it bless it lol but looks like the CPU is still going or I’m gonna be a very sad boy lol

I’m sad to hear that! I got an Asus Sabretooth X99 recently, not had many problems myself so far, except XMP wouldn’t work properly so I had to set timings manually. I hope your replacement works out better!

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Xmp didn’t work for me either. Found out today as I replaced the ram the CPU is gone also which has just about topped it all off for me so back up Monday to get that sorted would like someone to take the time to test it all for me when I come up as I don’t know anyone close with the same chipset so it’s been a trial and error process with 2 trips up from Southampton going through parts to find out what’s popped and what hasn’t. Very distressed by the whole traumatic experience lol not too mention buying all new parts to be able to figure it all out cost me good money already :pensive:

New update! CPU is faulty the only thing in my whole setup that I didn’t keep the box for as never in all my years had a CPU go on me! So guess what wait 28 days for a replacement from Intel! Had better phone calls tbh lol nothing back on the mobo or ram yet!