Finding teh right CPU fan

I got a build from Novatech and let the stock Intel CPU fan inside… I now find it’s too noisy though. How do I choose a new CPU fan?

The case is the default Novatech ATX gaming case (i.e., CPU is an i7 on a GA-Z97X-SLI motherboard. In particular how do I know whether the fan will fit?

Intel Z79 platform is socket 1150, so just pick any cooler that is compatible with 1150 socket.

I’d say grab one of these

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Firstly you need to consider how much you are willing to spend and how hard you will be pushing the CPU (i.e. are you planning on over clocking if your CPU supports it).

Bottom end of the price spectrum is something like this

Will fit in the case without any issues what so ever but wont be an awful lot quieter than your current cooler.

Next up is something like this

A lot bigger but should fit fine (still worth checking though) and will be a lot quieter while allowing for some CPU tweaking if you so wish.

slightly bigger still is this one

This one should give you cooler CPU temps but may be a little noisier than the last one. Will still be quieter than the stock Intel cooler though.

And finally you could consider a closed loop water cooler like
This is the top end of the price scale but will be quieter while allowing you to push your CPU further if you so wish.

All of the ones I have suggested will fit your CPU and should fit in your case although as I said it is worth checking clearance with the larger ones.

Hope this helps!


I have one of the older Corsair closed water loops in mine, the H80i, and you can’t hear it at all. The PC still isn’t quiet though as my GFX card makes a racket :unamused:

I don’t think I can justify 60£ on water cooling… I’ll be going with the Arctic suggestion as the noise is my motivator, I don’t think I’ll be overclocking (yet?).
I used a very unscientific method of putting a ruler against the MB to measure 17cm of clearance, so I hope I have the space.

Thanks for the suggestions all.