FireStrike Benchmark

We all used to love a good benchmark on the old forum so seeing as firestrike wasnt on the old forum seem only right we do it on our new home, so I’ll start it off.

That’s a bit of a beast of a score there :open_mouth:

The 5820k really shines in this benchmark, really bumps the physics score right up, also managed slightly better over clocks on my gpu’s on the x99 platform, so its quite elevated! Not a very real world comparison for me but its what everyone seems to look at these days :smirk:

Finally got round to running this… fully less than half of your score @Jonny2Bad!

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I think thats about right buddy, my single card score with my 4690k was around the 9900, that is where this benchmark falls down i think as in real world gaming doesnt take into account the extra cores and threads on the cpu just yet. Add another 970 when you can and oc them and watch that gfx score sore but the physics is bloated by the 12 threaded beast (what a cpu)

Oh go on then xD

Really bottlenecked in games thanks to the CPU

(Its seems 3dmark and steam both agree xD)

It won’t be bottlenecked in gaming just in this benchmark the gpu score is as it should be. In gaming it’ll be fine

Oh yeh its a good gaming PC but not getting the FPS that I would like, plus would like some more processor cores for video rendering however, thinking of upgrading to an i7 4790K on a GA-H81M-DS2V, do you think it will work?

To be honest that would be a waste to upgrade from a 4460 to a 4790. Sure there is some difference but not much at all. Although it might help video rendering, its unlikely to make a tremendous difference to the speed for the cost. If you’re gonna upgrade the CPU, you should at the very least go Skylake or a Haswell-E X99. Alternatively wait til the next CPU release cycle as your CPU really won’t be bottlenecking the card in real world application!

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Have to agree @hiPeanut the extra 4 threads would be of some benefit in games but not loads, massive boost in multithreaded applications though such as the video rendering, on that motherboard no point in going for the k model imo as you wont get a massive 24/7 overclock :frowning: If it was just for gaming i’d pretty much advise to either go all out and go x99 or stick with what you have for now as the 4790k isnt going be worth the money for me! (Dont bother with skylake either! 6700k vs 5820k for an extra £30-60 roughly makes no sense to me at all)

I’m thinking of a Rampage 5 for the future but thanks to money thats a while off, however when that happens this board will end up in a separate media server and will need to transcode movies and TV shows for the different devices it will be serving plus as a rendering platform / footage ingester for videos i’ll be making which would be using the cores a bit more because i want to take the load of my PC.

(Plus it should improve a benchmark score a bit xD)

So it’s a future use CPU i’ll get some gaming out of now as the CPU is fairly inexpensive, I could drop the K from the CPU as it will only ever be running at clock speeds but i would prefer the scope to OC in future.

and i’ll be selling the I5-4460 so should make some coins back to discount the upgrade a bit.

Is there anything i’m missing here? As i was under the impression that this CPU was bottlenecking the system at some point however that doesn’t seem to be the case

No way that gpu is being bottlenecked! TBH bottlenecked is a term thats thrown around far too much these days, your GPU score is on point in Firestrike for a standard Ti so the CPU isnt holding it back in any way. Its not the best CPU but certainly isnt holding your system (GPU) back I think! I for 1 have never been overly open to this 980ti supremacy thing anyway great card great TPD (apparently :wink: ) but way overpriced when you take that 2 970’s or 390’s etc absolutely shame it in real world gaming and every benchmark for the same money and even less at its launch! Gonna post a valley and heaven thread tomorrow and the new cpu benchmark

And just for the info I have a Rampage v and had a deluxe before and actually preferred the deluxe if it had worked properly. So with my lack of patience I now have a brand new unopened deluxe x99 mobo just sat here doing nothing and 16g of ddr4 ram also! Can feel a project coming on or a quick sale to fund a new project :joy::joy:

Yeah bottlenecking will pretty much never happen unless you are on like an i3 or worse (one of the lower end AMD CPUs) with your card, even then that wouldn’t be every game. Even getting the non-k version of a Haswell i7 would be mostly a waste of money to be honest, all you get is a marginally faster base (and boost) clock speed, and the extra threads which would only truly affect video rendering speeds somewhat.

Yeah the price of the 980 Ti is ridiculous, but I guess at least it isn’t as absurd as the Titan X price :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I’m not sure what it is about X99 but it does seem awfully finicky. I had no problems installing Windows to my NVMe M.2, but trying to achieve XMP profile speeds on my RAM was nigh on impossible! Sometimes a portion of my RAM total drops out of the total when I first turn it on until I either restart or if I tweak some settings like DIMM voltage slightly. Hasn’t done it for a while touch wood, but a pain nonetheless.

Oh dear that was happening on my deluxe before it went pop :worried: and as for xmp forget it especially on an Asus board its just broken lol Ive had to manually set up my ram oc and timings and if I’m honest its yielded much better reults, got 2666 Gskills Ripjaws 32g running @3000mhz 16/16/16/36 1.35v (i think )

Yeah after I set mine manually it doesn’t seem to have done it for months at least! Yeah I’m on an X99 Sabertooth, the XMP thing seems like a problem across the board at least for the Asus X99s which is very strange. I managed the XMP speeds of my RAM manually (Corsair Vengeance 32GB @ 2666mhz 15/15/15/36) without having to jack the voltage too much, took a lot of tweaking to get it to work properly though!

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As I researched my on going problems with my mobo it would seem Asus have had problems with USB and other minor faults since 1150 sockets. Just out of interest if you have a powered USB hub handy plug it and see if it ruins your boots times on your board.

Test from my main pc.

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Nice result there, i reckon you could push that system to 19-20k score with a little tweak here and there :wink: I love the 970’s in sli they actually scale better than any other Nvidia card for performance in sli!

Thanks pete wanted me to post them here, not yet had chance to to tweak the settings but may do in the future.