Game to play at our next In-store Gaming Day

Yo all,

We’ve got another In-store Gaming Day coming up on Sat 12th August, more details soon. I’ve kicked off a thread over on our Facebook about what game people would like to play at it on our 6 PC game station. We’ve had Battlefield 1, CS:Go, Dying Light and Unreal Tourny before, looking for a new game to play.

Can be 6 player all vs all/deathmatch or a team game for say 3 x 3!

Any ideas stick them in here!

Thread on our Facebook is here too if you wanna check out what others are saying!

+1 for Rocket League


Rainbow six siege can have 3v3 custom games. Why not that? :smile:

Will look into that, sounds good!

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Yeah, I think it would be good fun plus it’s actually something I can play…