Gaming Tournaments!

As both the forum and steam group have began to grow, I feel like some friendly competition is in order.

However, it would be even better with input from other forum users.

If you’re interested in some in-house tournaments, reply to this post with what games you’d like to play.

It can be whatever; from Hearthstone to Stonehearth. The possibilities are endless.

Personally, as an avid Hearthstone player, I will put out the idea of a Hearthstone tournament happening in the not too distant future.

I may also consider some Elder Scrolls: Online dungeon crawls. However, im still getting to grips with the game :wink:

Happy gaming :smiley:

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How about some Ark - Survival of the Fittest tournaments?!!!


Great idea but alas I dont play any of those games apart from ark but if you organise it i can make anyone a moderator on the Steam group to help you along

@Jonny2Bad If there were any games that you’d like to play with others from the forum don’t hesitate to put your ideas out there! :smiley:

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I’m up for a game of most things in my library with folks tbh would be good to find a game we have and have a blast though could be a good laugh

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I’m down for playing more games. Ark SOTF would be sweet but considering how much Ark I’ve been playing recently, something else would be welcome too! I’ve got so much in my library that I’d be open to most games.

Although Hearthstone can do one!