Graphics card advice

Hi guys. I bought my PC about 3- 4 years ago from Novatech and i know its time to upgrade my graphics card but im worried the PSU isnt good enough etc. I do gaming and am noticing cracks in the graphics starting to appear.
My PSU is a 750w ATX PSU
Current graphics card : Radeon 7850
RAM: 16 gig
M board: AM3 +

My question is i do know about bottlenecks and that the motherboard can do this as well as not having a good enough PSU.

What graphics card can i get thats best for the money but not too much of a strain on current hardware i.e psu.

Thanks in advance.

!st off what is your budget? and 2nd what make of PSU is it and how many pcie connectors has it got?

Hi my PSU is novatech S own 750w. Budget around £200-£250. I’m really not sure I the other bit. How do you find this out?
I’ve done some digging around and my cpu is also a little old. It’s an fx 6100.

Well if you open it up and look at the spare connectors like the the 1 connected to your gpu now, if you have the connectors for it with that budget i’d really stretch to the 390 right at the top of your budget but worth it imo

But I would definitely look into a slightly better PSU as well as we could be asking a little much of it with that card

You can use a Wattage calculator like [this one] ( to work out your needs (or thereabouts)

Thanks for your input I think I’m going to get a new PSU anyway just to be safe. I’ve had people mention to me to get an nvidea card 970gtx or something. Also the CPU is this ok do you think?

All depends the 390 performs better than a 970 in most cases but they do run a lot cooler and are more energy efficient than the 390, 970 has 3.5g of vram the 390 has 8g which is better at high resolutions, for me 390 all the way but the 970 is a great card also so you cant go wrong with either tbh. As for your cpu yeah its a dated and not the best but depending on what games your into it will last you a while longer I’d say till your set of upgrades :wink:

ditto. 390 or 970 with that budget. i went 970 as i wanted a quieter system i could install mac os onto, otherwise would of probably gone 390.