GTX 1070/1080... How much!

Noticed the new Gforce graphics cards are being released end of May (1080) and early June (1070) with the Pascal architecture. According to the write up they will run at 180W instead of 250W and outstrip the Titan for VR and multi-screen performance.

Here’s the thing though, the 1070 is set to retail at $379, that’s £263, while the 1080 is set for $599, that’s £415.

As I’m upgrading my motherboard/cpu/ram etc at the end of this month, I really, REALLY hope we are going to see a reflection of these prices in the store.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a 1080. Am holding off my own upgrade until we can see some real world performance reviews. If Nvidia deliver on what they’ve claimed then we’re truly moving to the realms of a VR future; the type of gains they’ve advertised over previous gen cards look amazing.

Also highly looking forward to what the likes of EVGA and Zotac do with their configurations, especially in terms of cooling. Again though, really want to see those real world reviews on temps and performance (and overclocking potential).

Wonder if the “Founders” editions really are just binned chips or whether there’s a little more to them.

True I agree as much as I want the 1070 I might just wait to see the benchmarks. Or I may just sell my gpu and buy the 1070 anyway. But what does the “Founders” edition mean.


What GPU’s do you currently own @Tony343 and @Zantid

My two machines are both currently running 750ti’s. Nothing special and have been wanting to upgrade to the 970, but then Pascal was rumoured and then it was just a case of not wanting to buy now and have it mean nothing in 3 months (Though it is technology, I guess I should be used to that by now! :P)

From what I’ve gathered so far is that the “Founders” edition is what they’re now calling the reference cards. IE: These are the cards produced by Nvidia, without any after market additions or changes that EVGA or the likes would have made (different coolers and configurations like display outputs) and they’re likely to be higher binned chips.

Basically when a production batch is finished, they’ll test a portion(or all) of the batch to see how well they were made. Finding the highest core clock and voltage the card can achieve and then sorting all of the cards into groupings. One example of this was the 3 core CPUs AMD produced a while ago, I think it was the Phenom 2s. These were pretty much the 4 Core version of the CPU, but had undergone binning process and found that one of the cores wasn’t as stable as the others and so they disabled it and put it on the market as a 3 core chip.

A lower binned card will perform exactly as described when sold and for an end user, whom isn’t modifying or overclocking the card in any way, will likely never know the difference. For example I’ve never touched the clock on my 750 tis and I wouldn’t ever be able to tell you anything about whether it was a higher binned card or not. It’s virtually impossible to tell. However, for a user whom is going to be overclocking, a higher binned chip means that it’s already been tested and shown to achieve a higher core clock and voltage (even if sold at the same stock voltages and clock speed as the normal cards). So there can be a little bit of a more guarentee that you’ll be able to push the card to a higher limit.

At the same time, the “Founders” edition also seems to offer a new cooling solution and has a pretty nice looking shroud to it. Not much has really been said about what type of quality we can expect from the components on the card, whether they’re any different than the normal cards (likely not), but Nvidia have stated that the PCB and components are to be “top quality”.

While I’m really excited for the new cards, until benchmarks and the NDA on reviews has been lifted, we’ll not really be able to guage just how far along these cards are, or what they can do. Nvidia can throw as many cherry picked numbers at us as they like, but until the card is in a machine and being reviewed by a trusted third party, we’ll not really know.


Going to be very interesting to see how well these cards actually perform in real life, as it will really be a 1st for Nvidia to bring out such high performing cards so cheaply! Agree that the figures are pie in the sky and main increase in the VR. I for 1 am still of the thinking the AMD offerings are going to be better for DX12 titles, but if these prices are for real then it can only mean good things for us consumers, more affordable performance can only be a good thing.

I’m running a 750 Ti at the moment. Was looking to upgrade to the 980 but going to hang on now to see what the 1080 retails at. Compare to a grand for a Titan I so hope it’s not pie in the sky as it should be around the 980 price.

Well I’ve always been of the opinion Nvidia cards especially the top end cards have been way over priced so these prices are a most welcome change in marketing from them, even if the increase isnt quite as stated its still a win for us PC enthusiasts and gamers.

Yh I don’t really mind either AMD or Nvida as long as it does what I need it to do in 1080p 60fps or more with great settings. Also with a cheap price ish. Then I’m good. I will like to see how AMD will now show case their GPU’s.

Are you on Windows 10 only asking as you’ve mentioned DX12 which I wish would come to older windows like 8.1 as I just still can’t like windows 10.

The 750ti’s are still good but depending on what game and settings. Oh just in luck that the new GPU’s are coming out then :slight_smile: .

Thanks for mentioning the “Founders” edition. I’ve learned something new, aha. Thanks

The thing is you mention better for overclocking but how much overclocking do they do better than the lower binned chip. As there is quite a big price difference isn’t it.

I agree I think I might just wait and see what AMD have to offer as I would like to compare prices and performance.

Do you work at novatech as it says “Novatech Tech Support” . If so will Novatech be selling these 2 cards on release day. Thanks

That’s still good. I’ve seen some very positive game play with it. I think it depends on graphic settings but I don’t have one. But I have heard that they are still good.

You’re welcome!

I do indeed work for Novatech in their Aftersale Technical Support department; unfortunately I don’t know whether we’ll be selling these on day one. The announcement was made at 2am Saturday Morning and I haven’t been back to the office until this morning. Eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on one at day one as well.

In regards to overclocking, it’s incredibly ambigious. It’s extremely rare for two chips to overclock to the same potential. I think it’s just something we’re going to have to wait and see; but I heard mention of Nvidia running their founders edition at 2.1Ghz. Which is up from the 1607Mhz base clock.

Again, lots of information floating around and a lot of it not confirmed and won’t be until the NDA lifts unfortunately. Despite the announcement, still seems we’re waiting!

Yeah Windows 10 is great for gamers, it actually gives you a small performance boost in most new titles, DX12 wont come to any other windows so I would advise to take your free upgrade before it runs out very soon as I actually like it now, took a while to get used to it I must admit.
I dont mind either make of GPU, I’ve mainly stuck with AMD the last few times because I dont agree with the pricing of Nvidia top tier cards highly over priced for what they are offer.
One thing I have found quite amusing is the mass selling of Titan x cards and 980ti since the release of these details, people are crazy :joy:

The benchmarks are starting to pop up now

Oh :slight_smile: not to worry though as I might wait for AMD to see what is has to offer. Oh yh It was, aha I stayed up to watch it on Twitch.

Gosh that is quite a bump in performance from 1607MHz to 2100MHz. Should definitely last some years of PC gaming. True will just have to wait until we get further details about it. Thanks

Thanks for telling me. I also did read something the other day mentioning it is ending so I might have a partiton on my SSD for windows 10 and still keep windows 8.1. I did have it on my laptop but I did not like it. Might have to get used to it is games will be better on it.

Oh true I always have heard that they are more price to performance than Nvidia. True the pricing is quite a bit.

Aha just imagine if you had either one I think I would be pretty unhappy to say how much they cost and then Nvidia comes out with something which is supposed to be a lot better and less power consumption. Also on top of that is is a lot cheaper than the Titan X and 980ti.

Aha :grin:

If those benches are correct then it shows that Nvidia hardware could very well be struggling still with DX12, its a very small increase over the Fury X which must barely give it any great increase over the titan x or 980ti in game. Could this be the 1st part of the hype breaking or will they pull it back with better drivers? Gets popcorn and waits eagerly lol :wink:

Was running a 580 until a couple of months ago (Got that about five years when it was top end!. About 500 notes if I recall correctly).
Picked this up from my mate who bought a 980. Ironically, I’m right in the process of limited-budget-upgrading everything now to DDR 4 (including a 980) because a DDR 2 motherboard, Q8200 CPU and 8GB of 800mhz ram just doesn’t cut the mustard these days.
But she still gives a good run for most of the new games, bless her.

So timing might be perfect if the 1080 proves it is was it is.

Ive still got a q6600 with 8g of 800mhz ram running in the family, coupled with a pair of 6850’s in xfire, still plays Ark survival at 30 fps still got a lot of love for those systems and coupled with a decent GPU can run most games quite well

Oh cool oh gosh did not know. Does it still work though. After 5 years if it does it means you’ve looked after it well. Oh I done my first PC build beginning of this year. I had a PS3 before that and gosh coming from a console to a PC is just mind blowing how good and better games are. Oh aha my little brother has got Q6600 which I told my mum to buy as it was cheap on Ebay. Oh true. I just want to see some gaming performance and also I want to see how AMD takes on this.

I told my mum to buy my little brother the Q6600 but with 4GB of ram (800MHz) was you able to overclock it. I have the asus p5b motherboard when I try to overclock it to 2.9GHz it just puts the ram at 533MHz. Oh yes true he is enjoying he’s games on it. :slight_smile: