GTX 1070/1080... How much!

Welcome to proper gaming then lol Yeah pump the bus speed to 333 and that should give you a 3ghz cpu and keep the ram to 800 if not check your ratio and change it to suit. All that with very little voltage increase if you have a good chip

Aha :smile: Thanks I will try tomorrow then. Thanks for telling me. What is the best overclock the Q6600 can do with minimal voltage change. Does it just depend on how lucky you are. Thanks

Can’t make a new reply so I will have to type it here.

Oh I am going to see how much I can push this Q6600 but has anyone done that mod which is getting the xeon x5460 and see if it works in the LGA775 motherboard. Would be cool.

4GHz gosh you did definitely won on that one. That’s really good.

Yes the silicone lottery its called every cpu is different according the the batch no. but all q6600 hit 3ghz with no problem, mine hit 3.4ghz with excellent cooling but they do get very hot so a very good cooler is most advisable

I doubt we’ll see a direct reflection of US prices, we never usually do. Expect maybe £500 for a 1080 at least.
I bought my EVGA ACX SC 780Ti not long after launch for £560 or something like that. It still pumps out some power so I probably wont upgrade for another generation :stuck_out_tongue:

No the states are always better priced on parts than us, no VAT is the biggest help :expressionless: even with that included its a big move from Nvidia to bring out cards with good performance at a competitive prices, which is why I’m so sceptical about the whole thing lol but I really hope its all true and everyone can afford to get a half decent GPU in their systems

I used to run my Q6600 at 4Ghz, it was awesome! I was using a custom loop at the time but I could have got more out of it, I barely put the volts up. I think I won the chip lottery with that one!

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@hiPeanut I remember you singing the praises of that chip!

Still think my AMD Phenom II 940 was a better chip from that generation :wink:

The Phenom II 940 was marginally better if the Q6600 wasn’t overclocked but actually came out 2 years later :wink: Just sayin’!

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I don’t know about look after it as it’s certainly been in the wars over the years. Tried overclocking it about five years ago and stuck a V8 coolermaster on it. Had the same issue with the bus and memory speed dropped out the window. To be fair wasn’t very knowledgeable at the time and didn’t realize you could adjust the bus.
Still got the V8 on it so must be the coolest factory Q8200 running.
The graphic card takes the brunt of high end games and handles DX 11 well, but games with lots of units like RTS really struggle now.

I see the 980 and above have started to drop in price. We shall see…

They are starting now! Looks pretty impressive so far I must say

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Here’s another performance review of the 1080. Comparable to two 980’s in SLI :open_mouth:

I have to admit I was more than sceptical when all these claims were being made but it really seems as if they have done well with this card, the performance per watt is just astounding, depending on what the UK price will end up being and whether polaris can compete is the deciding factor I guess! On the other hand I dont even need to upgrade this time round my crossfire 290’s are still bashing anything I throw at them so can see me waiting for the next round after this lot lol

I can’t wait to see what the OC cards perform at. Especially the ASUS STRIX equivilent. If this is just a base model everything from here is going to be mind-blowing :laughing:

Yeah this next 2 months could be the best for GPU’s we’ve had for a while (well I’m hoping anyway lol)

Seems we will be looking between £600 and £650 for the 1080. Always that price difference across the pond :unamused: By the short and curly job there!
Have costed my new build at £1016 without the GPU, so I think I will be adding the 1080 even though I budgeted for £1500.
Still a lot cheaper than a Titan (dropped a £100) and I’m sure was comparable with a 980TI till they dropped the price on that one as well.
Roll on end of month.

Well by the should start seeing a few of AMD’s Polaris 10 cards coming through very soon also, June 1st I think is the presentation date but I just cant see it being as good as the 1080 but will certainly be interesting to see how good it actually is.

Well at £680 Novatech have priced themselves out of the market. Was going to buy two of the cards just now but the £120 over the odds for the two cards compared with the likes of Maplin etc made me change my mind.

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Wow someone got a that a bit wrong lol In all seriousness the stock and some of the pricing has been way off of late :frowning: not the 1st time I’ve pointed this out either

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I cannot say anything on our pricing as that’s not something I’m involved with but the founders edition cards will be the most expensive of the stock clock cards I would think as they carry a premium from Nvidia. Once AIB guys roll out the other reference and non reference design cards the prices should start coming down. Limited stock on the market is also not helping with pricing. So for those that want to take the plunge then go ahead otherwise its a case of just hanging around until stock moves in to the channel and pricing starts to level out.