Gtx 1080 and destiny 2!

Im a bit ■■■■■■ off about this ! I bought gtx 1080 month ago and now I get an email I would get destiny 2 with it grrrr. If I would of known I would wait! Is anyone out there feel the same ?!?!

It’s unfortunate, but we don’t decide when nvidia start their promotions, and they don’t give us much notice (a day or two if we are lucky).

And these days, they aren’t just game codes we can give away either. Some are redeemed through the GeForce Experience app and check you have the hardware etc. In other cases the manufacturers require an upload of your invoice and the serial numbers of your parts to validate when it was purchased (MSI for example).

Thanks for reply and sorry for rant.

No worries. It’s understandable when you spend all that money then weeks later you either get something extra or the price drops. Happened to me more times than I care to remember :slight_smile: