GTX 1080ti GPU Prices

Hey All,

Been looking to upgrade my MSI R9 290 for quite a while now but have held off due to the insane prices they’re going for due to the poxy Bitcoin craze.

I know that the 290 is still good for playing games at 1080p with the pretty sliders up the nicer end of things but I have noticed that it is flagging a wee bit when I start using Lockheed Martin’s PREPAR3D v4.2 flight sim.

After looking around at various reviews & forum posts, Is it worth considering looking at the
1070ti or the vanilla 1080? I’m not gaming at 4K due to being very happy with my ultra-wide monitor & have no interest in VR for various reasons.

Do you guys think that they’re are going to start coming down to a more affordable price point soon?