Happy Steam Sale Everybody!

It’s that time of year again, when my wallet pleads with me…

If anybody spots any amazing bargains, then let me know in here :wink:

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My body is ready. My wallet is not.

A game called Broforce is on sale for about a fiver - I highly recommend buying it!

Change it from Summer to Winter sale and this sums up the sale perfectly :joy:

The kids have done very well out of the sale this year but alas I’ve not got myself anything as yet, very tempted to have a go on Elite Dangerous as thats a good deal, and project cars is in my line of sight also. Theres a few great deals though, Dying Light is cheap, and Ark Survival is down to £13 again well worth a buy.

I did buy rust in the end not sure why lol as I’m so addicted to ark not much chance of me playing rust much :joy::joy:

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I just bought the new Mad Max game for £11.89 :smile: