Hard Disk Replacement

My system came with a 256GB SSD hard disk and for Windows 10 and other applications this is not enought. therefore, I want to upgrade the Hard disk so that it can fit in easily without any hassle. I was thinking of getting Seagate SATA drive 2.5 inches that sells for leass than £70.

Can you tell me what is the interface of the SSD HD that came with the machine? The hard disk was which you don’t sell anymore:


Customer Number: 42018576

Also please let me know what brackets do I need to fit in additional 3.5 inches drive. the system has got a Hitachi HD but I intent to replace it with WD or Seagate so I’ll have two 2TB drives plus one 2TB 2.5 drive; In total 6 TB disk space.

You could also advice me if there is any way to install additional 2.5 drives so I’ll need additional brackets for them too. So please tell me about them also.

Your detailed email would be very nice on this matter.

Have you got a link to download the Windows 10 Drivers for the system? I need for the desktop as well as Laptop which was bought from Novatech as well.

You have got my Customer number so it should be pretty easy for you to give me the necessary details.

Thank you.