Hard Drive Mounting Rails

A good few years ago now I bought one of these:

What do I need to stick into Google to find 2 pairs of hard drive mounting rails for it? Some places say that the rails are vendor specific (don’t know if they are referring to the manufacturer of the case or the manufacturer of the HDD). One pair is needed for a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch mounting bracket

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I have checked your PC and that particular machine uses the “Antec One” chassis, if additional drive rails are required then you will need to contact Antec directly for that as they are not a regular stock item (as they are chassis specific and that PC is no longer built).

You can contact them directly here; https://antec.com/europe.php

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Thanks for the reply, I’ve emailed Antec to ask them if they have any of the rails. Do you know who the manufacturer and model name/number is o fthe case of my other computer (it’s also a Novatech PC - Novatech Black NTI134) so that I can get a couple of spare rails for that computer as well?

Tha Antec One would have been provided with additional rails in the kit supplied with the system, if you no longer have those kit boxes then as Ryan said you would need to contact Antec Directly.

As for the NTI134 that uses one of our Chassis, if you contact Customer Service directly they can assist with getting spares sent out to you for that build.