Hard drive not showing up on system

Just built a new system using an X470 aorus ultra gaming motherboard running win 10 64bit
Current hard rive is the M.2 Samsung SSD 970 Evo 500Gb
For backup I’ve installed a Samsung SSD 860 Evo 500Gb and connected to sata port 0.
This I did after id installed win 10 and all updates. computer working as expected so no worries until I plugged in the back up drive. On boot up ,no issues until I looked for the new unformatted drive which is not listed in my computer. A quick check on connected devices says its there and working correctly so a little baffled!
Is there something ive missed? IS my using a M.2 hard drive an issue? any help please

Yep. I missed the fact I’m using win 10 64 bit!
A bit of detective work and it’s here!
I miss windows 7 so much! lol
Thanks for taking a look but im all sorted