Help! I need help with the ION 104

Hi I am looking to buy a budget PC and was looking at the ION 104.

  1. Would I need to get a graphics card to play games smoothly(Im not that bothered about amazing graphics)

  2. Does the computer have enough space for one?

  3. I’m confused about the whole powering of graphics card, do they just lead into the same power socket as the PC?

Sorry If i seem stupid to you

Hello mate,

  1. The on-board intel graphics would be pretty terrible for playing any games

  2. Nope

  3. Less powerful graphics card draw power from the PCI slot on the motherboard they’re slotted in to. More powerful graphics cards have additional power fed to them from the computer’s PSU.

I’d recommend a Life NTI326 with a graphics card added in (You can do this in customisation)

There’s no stupid questions, if you don’t know, then you don’t know!

FYI I’m not Novatech staff.

Hi Promotype,

If you still need help with this one I would suggest calling our advisors on 02392 322 500 option 1. They will be able to answer any of these types of questions which you may have and can also place an order over the phone for you.

All the best,