Help locating correct drivers to download


I recently updated to Windows 10 and need to reinstall my drivers.
I found another forum post detailing how to find the chassis number with CPUZ. The model number is A35 so i’m assuming my drivers are the legacy ones A35FB/A35FE My laptop is a Novatech 15.6 nSpire.
It would be appreciated if someone can confirm that i’ve arrived at the right conclusion before I download the wrong thing as this is all new to me.

Thanks in advance!


A35FE would be correct as this was A35 Series chassis we sold at one point. Officially we do not have Windows 10 Driver set for this unit as it predates Windows 10 and was not officially tested. Most however due to the chassis age will be covered by inbox drivers in the OS as no updates exist.
Let me know what drivers your missing if any and I will do my best to get what you need.