Help me spec my new build, pls

I spec’ed my last Novatech with help from the forum, and it’s been brilliant. Almost ten years old and still does the business. Sadly, the power supply blew up and I don’t think it makes sense to patch a machine that old. So! Questions:

I do Photoshop and 3D modeling for work, and play AAA open world games for leisure. Does it make sense to start from a game build, or a graphics workstation build…or are they both similar in spec?

I replaced the graphics card with a Gigabyte GTX 970 two years ago. Is that still an okay card? Mine sounds like a 747 taking off…

Is Windows still limited to 8 gig memory, and if so why does anyone buy more? Are there programs that can use more?

Anything else I should think of? I’m looking to spend in the £1,000 range. Happy to spend less, willing to spend more for more performance. I like to buy the best machine I can possibly afford and then ride it until it dies of old age.

Thanks again for your help!

Update: I started with a Carbon 104, upgraded it based on articles I found on Photoshop, then fine-tuned the build with a Novatech rep. The only nasty shock was when I went to check out and found VAT hadn’t been put on yet. It’ll be here in a week, I hope (after that, I couldn’t face paying for expedited build).

Their sales guys are good.