Help needed please - Boot drive missing

Hello, we had a power cut and since then my pc wont boot up.

The error is
Reboot and select proper boot drive

It gives me the options of

P1 ST10000M003-1ER162

Im guessing P1 is the right option.

We also had an orange light next to the green power light. I hadnt noticed it before as the pc is under my desk. Is this a problem too.
Any help will be most grateful as Novatech is closed today and this is our only PC for my business and has all the software I need on it.

Yes P1 would be the right choice, if you know that you only have the 1 hard drive installed in the pc

Thanks ive tried changing it, but still the same error. Im guessing its a trip to Novatech to sort it.

Hi Clare,

Just joined the forum and came across your plee for help. Did you manage to get it resolved?