Help with choosing a PC

Hi there,

I am a motion graphics designer and currently use a Macbook pro at home and an iMac in work. Both have been fine for using Adobe software and basic things in C4D and Maya, but are no longer up to scratch for the type of work I want to do involving third party GPU renderers in Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine. For this reason, I’m biting the bullet and getting a PC.

I’ve been doing some research and honestly feel a bit overwhelmed by the hardware and options and would prefer to buy a custom built one rather than try to build my own. The only parts I’ve seen frequently and have been looking based on these are - Intel i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX graphics cards and substantial RAM.

Does anyone have any suggestions on which Novatech pc or build would be best for me at this stage (Gaming or Workstation?) - my budget is roughly £1,000-£2,000 but I’m not even sure if that is too low for what I’d need.