Help with drivers and software for N1755 and Mouse wl810

Hello, as you can guess by hovering over my name i’m pretty new to the novatech forums. I’ve got a new laptop with a manual cd (with drivers on) and a software CD for my mouse that I bought with it. The only problem is the laptop has no CD drive and I don’t have a USB one.

Can someone please tell me what the chassis model of my laptop (N1755) is and where to find the software for the mouse?

Thank you!

Hi Yoshiayoushaa,

Thanks for your question, this laptop uses the chassis model P670SG and the drivers can be downloaded from here Laptop Drivers / Manuals

If your problems continue after reloading the drivers for your unit, please feel free to give my team a call on 02392 322 500 option 3 for technical support