Help with motherboard connections

Hi people! My first post.

I’ve just bought a GA-F2A88XM-DS2 mobo bundle and I’m planning on putting it into an old case that previously housed a K8M8MS Jetway. It all seems pretty straightforward except for the front panel connections, as shown in the diag below:

Top is the Jetway connection, bottom the gigabyte

I am assuming the gigabyte matches the RH panel of the Jetway, but someone may advise differently.

However, in addition, I have a connector from the front panel to the SPEAK panel shown in the diagram, just a black wire to VCC5 and yellow to SPKR. Seems to me these will be redundant with the new board as I can find no similar connection, but I don’t really know what they do.

Any help much appreciated.

I think I joined this forum at a slightly awkward moment. I first found it a few days ago with the link from Novatech’s main site. But it took me to a very old-fashioned looking setup where there didn’t appear to have been a post since 2013. Maybe Novatech have given up on it I thought, but decided to test it out by signing up. Nothing happened, no authentication email, so I thought the worst. but kept the page open. Suddenly the other day the ugly duckling turned into a beatiful swan, so I decided to have another go signing up. This time I did get an authentication mail, but when I clicked the link I got a page error. Repeatedly. Then checked all my connections. Then fired an email off to Novatech. No reply. but shortly afterwards the forum page said it had been upgraded, so I tried again. This time I was in. Bit of a mission!

However, I joined because I have become a big fan of Novatech. Quality stuff at quality prices. Amazon are the losers.

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately the plugs look slightly different in their layout, everything seems to go in the same slots, however the other way around please make sure the colored wire is on the + side and the white / black side is on the - side.

There usually a slot for the speaker to be connected, however this may be in a different section of the motherboard, often alone the bottom connections, however a speaker is rarely used nowadays and you should be absolutely fine without a speaker connected to your system.

I hope you manage to sort your issue.

Thank you Peter. I did resolve the issue. The front header pins are the same and, as you suggest, the SPEAK header was for the beeping speaker so no real loss. Working well.