Hitman (2016) Prebootquel!

Hitman (2016) is releasing within a month or so, in an episodic format. The episodes are around £11 each, or the full season for £39.99 or the standard price of a game.

From their description, it sounds like they are trying to go back to Blood Money days with this one! The game itself is a prequel to Codename 47.

I for one desperately hope they don’t Absolution this. I love Hitman, Hitman 2 and Blood money took so much of my time when I was younger it is almost unreal.

There is a beta for pre orders (of the full game or even the first episode) this weekend, so it will be interesting to see the views of players (or maybe I’ll dip myself, who’s to know).

Anyone here interested in how this plays out?

I’ve always loved the Hitman franchise. Especially Blood Money.

I was a bit cautious regarding the whole “episodic” format they are going for. I feel its a bad move to pay full game price for a game that you have to wait for incrementally.

We will have to wait and see :wink:

Has anyone else played the first Map they’ve released yet? I was actually pleasantly surprised. There’s actually a ton of freedom, the map is huge and it is actually pretty hard! Loads of replayability features like different map starting points and starting in a disguise. It parallels a lot with how MGS V Ground Zeroes works which is awesome because there will be I think 6 of these maps in total. It is far and above anything Absolution even considered, and in some aspects I’d say surpasses Blood Money which I never thought I would say!

Well done!