Home for vintage IBM PC

In 1983 I bought an IBM PC for my daughter.
For the last 20 years it has sat in my loft.
Last week we cleared the loft, unboxed the PC and left it for a few days so any moisture could dry out.
Yesterday. I hooked everything up, switched it on and, to my surprise the screen lit up and I was in DOS.

The system consists of a 5150 system unit, 5151 mono display, 5153 color display and 5152 graphics printer.
I also have the original disks and manuals for DOS, BASIC, LOGO and various games, word processor etc.

It seems a pity to just send this to the dump.
Can anyone point me to a possible home for this system?

All advice appreciated!



There is a museum near Winchester that buys old pc’s cant think of it name off hand, but my Dad sold them some old BBC and vic 20’s a few years ago so will ask him! Dam that thing could be worth some money dont let it go just like that just yet lol could be a decent holiday in it for you :wink:

@Mike this sounds right up your street!

Sounds very interesting and certainly don’t send it to the dump! :slight_smile:
Is this a Sanyo branded one by any chance?

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No, this is IBM branded, bought under the IBM Employee Purchase Plan.
Not sure who actually did the manufacture/assembly in those days

There’s an IBM computer museum in Hursley, the website is http://hursley.slx-online.biz/ and they accept donations?

I will give them a try but I suspect they already have the early PCs

If it has a keyboard like this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/57/ModelM.jpg they keyboard might be worth a bit of money

Sadly, it is not the same layout.
Mine has the function keys in two columns at the left.

Could you get a picture of the front and the label on the back? I’ll be able to tell you then :slight_smile:

You can see the photo of the front here https://www.flickr.com/photos/61407113@N05/
The label seems to have been lost

Oh wow, is the rest of the computer in such good condition? If it is, I think the whole set up really does belong in a museum, it’s a really special piece of history, not just equipment!

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the keyboard is definately worth some if it’s a model M. especially if it has vintage black cherry switches - those are very sought after


I think it’s actually a Model F - So buckling Spring switches and probably worth even more than a Model M, if I’m right.

Thanks to Ryan and all who made suggestions.
The museum at Hursley is interested so hopefully this system will have a good home.


Great to hear, Chris.
It’s not very often you hear of someone finding a working 5150 system with all the extras in their loft!
I know a lot were made, but they were so popular at the time I don’t think anyone ever gave the slightest thought they might become sought after ‘antiques’ maybe??
Keep us updated on what happens with it :slight_smile: